Choosing the right profile picture

Sep 17, 2018

You more than likely know this from your own experiences online, but it is worth repeating here again: a good profile picture is the most important thing about your profile! While we all like to think we are not shallow, a profile picture is your one chance, to attract interest at a glance. When you click through someone’s profile pages, what often tips the balance in your favour are the pictures you have put up.

Be yourself

Take a photo which really expresses your own personality. Do not try to be someone else – because if you are meeting the person you feel attracted to for the first time, he or she will see straight away through your rouse. Take a new, up-to-date portrait picture which you think really shows who you are.

Don’t be too sexy

Always keep in mind that if you are looking for a long-term relationship, kinky or erotic pictures are not what other people want to see when they try to find a potential partner as well. You might give the impression of having just one thing in mind when looking for someone. Moreover, it seems disingenuous and a bit desperate as well. This should be obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people get this most important part wrong. Let me spell this out for you:

  1. Do not send pictures of your penis, unless specifically asked to.
  2. So you have a six pack? well done and keep your shirt on. Women have an uncanny ability to detect fitness without you forcing it on them.
  3. Cleavage attracts creeps
  4. Do not only upload pictures of you and your beautiful friends. Its you they are interested in
  5. Do not upload badly edited photos where you ex is crudely cut out

A friendly smile

People who look very friendly in pictures have a better chance to get a message from others than those who have a serious face, or worse still, a "duck face" pose. Go for a nice picture of you in which you are showing your best smile! This shows that you are a sympathetic, open and friendly person. And this is what your profile picture should transmit – a positive first impression!