Adult Dating - How not to get screwed by casual sex sites

Sep 17, 2018

It's Friday, it has been exactly 7 weeks and 3 days since you last had sex. You have not been feeling the best emotionally as of late, so you have not really been going out socializing or trying to hook-up with someone.

While looking through your Facebook feed at all your pretty friends having more fun than you, you decide to take matters into your own hands (pun totally intended) and sort out your sexual frustrations. We have all been there; it's ok to admit it. It's 2016 and porn consumption has become socially acceptable.

While searching for the perfect video, you happen across an interesting advert which purports to have members of the opposite sex, mere meters from your very basement. Further to these claims the advert boldly states that these women have morals looser than the belt currently around your ankles.

“Can it be true?” you ask yourself.

Sex Sites – Not all of them are scams!

Through the haze of your own personal sexual desert, it might not seem like having sex in Australia anytime soon is a possibility. Surely these adverts are too good to be true? Well, in most cases they are. So don’t click on them. Your hard drive and credit card will thank you later.

There are plenty of adult contacts out there looking to do business with you without scamming you.

What a relief! It’s time to put your genitalia away and save them for better use.

Sex Dating – How to spot the fakes

  1. Legitimate websites don’t rely on porn banners or pictures to generate revenue. Instead they rely on the hundreds of sexually exhausted customers crawling back to pay renewal fees for the fantastic services offered by your mom.
    Rule 1: The more porn advertising onsite, the more likely it is to be a fake sex site.
  2. There is a moderate amount of women onsite. Never trust a site which states it has more than 40% woman. It’s not a truthful reflection of the current demographic of users and chances are, those extra women onsite bumping up the statistics are professionals.
    Unless you are interested in a hot date with”Methany”, the toothless street hooker, avoid sites like this.
    Rule 2: The more women onsite, the more likely they are prostitutes.
  3. The company’s head quarters are based in the Australia, or at least within the EU. Consumer protection laws will apply to them as a company and you have much more protection should a payment dispute arise.
    Rule 3: The further their HQ is from a legitimate government, the more likely you will be the victim of credit card abuse.
  4. The company offers telephone, or at the VERY least email support to paying customers.

Bearing all this advice in mind, feel free to conduct your own research on the topic. Certain sites like fall somewhere in between the cracks. While the site is completely legitimate, many users have reported problems with their services. Using the guide I just gave you, use your own powers of deduction and see if you can work out whether or not the site is legitimate or not.